Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Discover your backyard...

Yesterday's Geocaching adventure was one for the books!
We started our day off exploring the Loggerhead Marinelife Center 
and checking out all of the rescued sea turtles.
If you are in the South Florida Area and you have not been here....you must go!

After kicking around there for a while we were off the Geocache.
I told you we were obsessed!
The boy loves it so much, he actually has asked to do it everyday since we started.

Yesterday was a hot spring day, yet perfect for a beach and dunes hike.
It always blows my mind that some of this natural area and scenic views really do exist
in our very own backyard.

So, we set out on foot from the Loggerhead Marinelife Center,
north up A1A.
When we got closer to our first cache we dipped into the canopy of sea grapes.
The sticks and leaves where pilled deep on the ground,
and with every step can a lot of cracks and crunches,
which the boy found hilarious....
I was just waiting for someone to step on a snake.
This is the "Shut up mom! And stop worrying about snakes" look that they gave me!

We found that well hidden container buried in a rotten log,
and when I looked up from the adventure,
this is what I saw.
What a magnificent view.

From there we headed due west.
I couldn't stop laughing about us emerging from the over grown sea grapes
 for long enough to cross A1A, and crawl through an over grown hole
in the scrub forrest...
Into the deep wilderness. ha.

We were blessed with a few minutes of hiking up hill in the shade...
but from there on out it was full sun,
and very hot.
This is the part where I have to tell you what a trooper my kid it.
There were many points of the trip that I thought:
"This is it.  He's going to break down because of all of the walking and the heat!"
But that boy of mine held strong and never complained.
It's so awesome to me that he's that into our new family adventures.

So up the trail we went.
When we reached the top of the hill 
we found a great little place for an impromptu picnic. 
None of us could eat fast enough, 
we all wanted to continue!

So, Onward.

Our last cache gave us a little more trouble.
But that's what makes the discovery so much sweeter.
We hiked about a quarter of a mile in the wrong direction 
before we realized that it was happening...
my fault since I was holding the map and the compass.

But it's hard to be upset about the extra walking when you get to see beautiful sights like these.

After lots of walking and searching we finally decided that we needed to trek down a
very overgrown path (which my legs were not happy about).
This was another one of those 'scared mom' moments...
but the view...
oh man that view! 

Do you geocache?
Or are you like me as of a week ago saying:
"What the heck is Geocaching?"
You can learn all about it here!

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