Friday, April 26, 2013

Wardrobe Re-fashion

When I first bought this hat years ago,
I was an awful shade of blue.
Not quite navy, not quite royal,
but somewhere in between.
It had a brown ribbon to cap off the dull factor.

Despite how I grew to feel about it,
I did really love it when I first purchased it.
As you can guess it sat in my closet for far too long,
until one day I had had enough.

I ripped off that ribbon, and grabbed a can of black spray paint 
and when to town.
What and improvement.

Now it was the perfect blue/black,
and fit great (which is a big deal when you have an enormous cranium).
Even though I wore it all the time now,
I still felt like it was missing something.

Then one day a few weeks ago,
I decided to get to crafting to finalize this 
year long wardrobe re-fashion.

Here's what you'll need:

fabric scissors
a stip of fabric 
(about 4 inches wide,
 and long enough to wrap around the hat with some over lap.)
hot glue/gun

Step 1:

Fold over hem and pin in place.
Repeat on other side.
I left my band a bit over 2 inches wide.
Once it is pinned, press flat.

Step 2:

I started in the opposite side of where I wanted to
have to two ends over lap.
Apply a stip of glue,
and press down the middle of the strip of fabric. 

Work you way around,
one side at a time glueing a little bit as you go.
When you get around to the ends leave about
2 inches unglued.

Step 3:

At this point you should be left with about 2 inches of fabric on each end.
Twist and manipulate the fabric until it looks the way you want it.
I looked at a fedora that I love and tried to copy that twist closure. 
Glue that into place and then double check to make sure the rest of the band is 
securely glued into place.
Let it dry fully before enjoying this little beauty.

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