Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I saw this on Pinterest

Today I am so super excited to share a story from my very first
Melissa is a good old friend of mine from high school
and was also my first college roomie!
Sharing stories about our awesome families makes me laugh....
considering where our friendship began.

Any who,
She posted on the ole' FB yesterday about how
she dyed her toddler purple and I knew that I needed to know and share this story!
Gotta love a good Pinterest project gone wrong!

So with no further ado,
I am happy to introduce you to Melissa, her family, and her story!

Hi! I’m Melissa and I and part of an amazing weird, awkward, messy and fun loving family! My husband is a hard working amazing guy who sarcastic sense of humor is why I feel for the guy. My daughter Calleigh is the spitting image of her dad right down to her personality. The only thing she got from me is her nose! Thank god! Lol and then there's Jenna our pit. She is a amazing dog who I can't imagine life without!  My family extends far out from my immediate family and they all inspire me everyday:)

I dyed my child purple today! Thank you Pinterest!
Today was one of THOSE days! We were stuck inside all day waiting for the repair guy(who never came!Bastard!) And in an effort to save my sanity I was scrambling around trying to find anything to entertain my hyperactive 2yr old who acts more like a bipolar 30 year old who does not feel she needs naps anymore! I decided that I would give some of these Pinterest craft ideas a shot. I mean I've saved so many it's about time! We love to paint in this house so it was a natural pick to make our own paint. And bonus if it worked I could save some money. Recipe was simple: 1cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water and food coloring. Sounded great and if Calleigh accidentally, or in her case intentionally ate some of the paint it would be no big deal. So we got the paints made and she had a blast. Here is where the problem starts she gets paint everywhere and normally I don't care. Kids paint wipes right off, not this paint. The food coloring in it stains! BAD!  This is about the time I noticed that my child was covered neck down in purple paint and that she had left little hand prints on the walls! Needless to say after a good 45minutes of scrubbing Calleigh and the walls I was left with a purple child and purple hand prints all over the walls! So I did what any good mom would do took pictures and had a glass of wine!  Oh and the paintings we didn't keep. They were weird and flaky. Paint didn't stay on. A fail for Pinterest on the homemade paint but score for Calleigh who thinks being purple is AWESOME!!  

Just in case you also want to dye your sweet little rugrat 
and every other surface of your house purple...
HERE is the link to this Pinterest project!

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