Wednesday, January 25, 2012

alterior motives

i am sitting hear mentally planning the trip of a life time! my sister haley will be here in one week. i get 48 hours to spend with one of my best friends. i am not sure that she knows exactly how pumped up i am for her arrival.

as i have mentioned before, i am much older than all 6 of my siblings. they range in age from 9 to 21....and me, well i am about to celebrate my 29th birthday.  haley is the closest in age to me (21).

it's been what feels like years since we have spent some quality time together. there have been a few short visits or getting to see each other in passing, but no real one on one time. and this trip in particular is especially important to me.

for one, i am considering it her birthday present to me! gracing me with her presence is about all i could ask for! and two...well two is my alterior motive. you see haley is recently done with college and at a point in her life where she is ready for a new adventure.  currently living way up in the pan handle she is so far removed from all of her family. i have been there. when i was her age i felt a little removed from my family as well, and i remember how badly i wanted to be with my sisters.

here are some facts about my sister:

  • she is incredibly free spirited.
  • she is far more beautiful than she knows
  • she is a zoologist
  • she belongs on the beach

here are some facts about lake worth:

  • i describe lake worth as a bohemian mecca
  • we can ride our bikes to the beach
  • we have an awesome zoo
  • the people here are awesome

so if you can't read between the lines here....let me spell it out for you.  i want haley to move to lake worth. bad. my plan? well it's going to be a whirl wind tour of everything awesome about south florida. bike rides, beach trips, zoo visit, maybe some bar hopping, adventures galore.

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  1. PERFECT!! Good Luck! You've got my vote...:)


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