Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. the hubs was out of town for work early in the week, which is always such a bummer. usually i sulk and whine while he's away just wishing that he was home. i am usually bored out of my mind. but the past few times that he's had to go i have taken it upon myself to enjoy my night. i do all kinds of super girly things. you know like before we were married and i would have ben and jerry/americas next top model marathons. well, my habits of "me time" havn't changed that much, i still love stuffing my face full of ice cream and watching mindless t.v. (except now it's marathons of storage wars) what's wrong with me?
2. the boy has started the "why's". everything i say if followed by his sweet little "why?". while i have already gotten a little tired of the question it is really cool to see his little brain trying to work. i made a pact with myself that i wasn't going to blow these questions off as annoying, or give the "because i said so" answer. he's been asking some tough ones and i honestly think that some times he just gives up because he doesn't understand the encyclopedia explanation that i am giving him, but sometimes you can tell that he's totally piecing things together and really truly understanding.
3. i have been feeling super inspired this week. i feel like everything that i see i am taking in like a sponge and these miny story boards are forming together in my head. i feel like my brain is full of really beautiful ideas and images and words. at the park i am seeing sticks that look like dinosaurs, and standing in front of a wall full of hardware i am seeing really beautiful jewelry. it's funny how the brain works.
4. i came to two really awesome realizations this week. well one really awesome and one pretty sad. the awesome one was finally figuring out what i was going to do with my blue and white polka dot dress. i couldn't be happier with the results. and the other was that what i thought i had figured out to alter my favorite dress (that i have never been able to wear) was absolutely not going to work. it was really sad to have to face the facts: i am never to going to be able to wear this dress. wah.
5. the hubs is opening a new restaurant on monday and the past week was full of training and soft opening events. the boy and i made the journey south to eat some delicious tacos and check out the new spot! it was so much fun and so yummy! we even got to see my best friend and some old friends. it was a perfect date night with the boy.
6. i took the boy to the fair on friday night with some of our friends. i didn't go to the fair much as a kid, not that i really remember any way, and none like this. the south florida fair is by far the biggest i have ever seen. it was so awesome seeing the look on his face as we walked across the fair grounds checking out all the sights and smells. it was an evening i will never forget.
7. my mom and brother and sister came into town for the weekend. it was great spending time with them and so awesome to see my brother and sister finally acting like normal people and getting along!
8. my brother and i did some volunteering for habitat for humanity on saturday. it was so much fun. i love volunteering with that organization. you get to meet some really amazing people and learn some amazing new skills at the same time. i now know how to hang dry wall like a pro!
9. i got the most amazing surprise in the mail this week from my friend kelly. first off i have to say that i love nothing more than unexpected packages! and this one was a double whammy because it included on of my other favorite things in the world....homemade pickles. i can't wait to dig into them....i am waiting for the perfect occasion (ohh....maybe tonight with slow cooked ribs! mmmmm!). the box also contained some goodies for the boy and a jar of homemade sweet corn relish that i want to eat with a spoon!
10. this has been the week of bike rides. the weather has been perfect for toting the boy to the park in the bicycle. this is quickly becoming one of our favorite pass times! he finally has the patience to sit for the entire time and has really gotten into making up stories about what we are seeing along the way. i sure do love that boys crazy imagination.

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