Thursday, January 12, 2012

thankful thursday

happy thankful thursday everyone! so here's a good one..."every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." why is it so hard to remember this? do you ever find yourself laying in bed reflecting on the days events thinking..."i can't wait until tomorrow?" i do it all the time. it generally starts about 5pm..."i can't wait until today is over". i say it all the time. but why? why not be thankful for the day that i had? so maybe it wasn't perfect, i mean it rarely is with a terrible two monster, but there are always perfect moments. like right now...right this moment is perfect. the house is silent except for the sound of the wind rushing through the windows, the boy is sleeping, i am sitting at my beautiful desk with a nice cold diet coke. right now everything is perfect.  or what about the moments of pure joy with the boy, like yesterday when he wrapped himself around my leg just to tell me that i was pretty. or the days when i don't have to clean any poop or pee off the floor. while maybe they are not perfect days, those are perfect moments and should trump anything else. 

in the bigger picture, maybe if we spent more time being grateful for the "good in every day" we would stop spending so much time complaining about the crap. i mean that's just a simple law of physics. there is only so much time and space that can be filled, only 24 hours, so why not fill as many of those minutes with positive thoughts.  realistically i don't expect myself or anyone else to shoot unicorns and rainbows out there ass all the time, but maybe 51% of the time. hehe.  so with all that said, this week i am challenging myself (and i invite you to join me), i am going to stop before i open my mouth and say "i can't wait until today is over", bite my tongue, and spit out something fantastic about the day. i may even write it down, just so i don't forget.  find the good in every day and make that the defining moment of your day. keep paying it forward!

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  1. Its crazy how much work it takes to reflect on positivity but then it becomes a habit and then being positive is easy.


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