Thursday, January 26, 2012

thankful thursday: share a smile

do you ever smile at strangers? i do it all the time. it was how i was raised. most people just give a half assed smile in return. sometimes they give a stare like "girl - you must be crazy". occasionally i get a dirty look in return. but it's rare to get a genuine smile right back at me.

i grew up spending a lot of time with my great grandmother, veronica. she smiled at everyone. all. the. time.  she was constantly telling me to smile. and was known for walking up to a complete stranger and demanding the same from them. as a kid i was so embarrassed by her willingness to tell people to turn that frown upside down - but as an adult....well i wish she was still here to help me brighten peoples day.

smiling doesn't hurt. so why is it that so many people walk around with such smug looks on their faces? many would argue that they don't have anything worth smiling for. this is where i demand to interject. 

{i can her my grandma's words running through my head and right out my mouth.} 

nothing to smile for? really nothing at all? you are here aren't you? alive? and well? you have a home? food on your plate? people who love you? is there really nothing in the world that is worth the contraction of a few small muscles in your face? smile!

i get it. i have bad days too. but if i smile out of kindness at you, can you please return the favor? and that's all it inner kindness shining through. it's my inner sunshine. i am not crazy!

and now for you...try it. just for one day try smiling at strangers that you pass. maybe start small and simple. old people in the grocery store are easy....they will always smile back. start with one, then two, shit why not three. try it for one whole day, then the next day, and the day after that. next thing you know it will become habit and you will find yourself sending smiles out to the world (and people will look at your like your nuts too!)

smiles are contagious....and free. give them to everyone you meet. be thankful that you have something to smile about.

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