Friday, January 20, 2012

banana bread bites

as i am sure that you well know by know bananas are my favorite baking ingredient. maybe it's because i love them so much, or maybe it's because we buy so many of them. i am very particular about the color of my bananas (i like them still kinda green) so the second they start to turn i toss them into the freezer to be used for a later baking project.

this banana baking experiment came to me when i wanted to some how combine my love of banana bread and my love of  chocolate. normally i just put chocolate chips in my bread, but this time i wanted to vamp it up a bit. i wanted a bit of a candy bar effect. so after baking the bread, i cut it into little mini candy bar sized pieces. then dipped each piece in chocolate almond bark. 

these little guys are just so delicious! the combinations of the dense moist bread and the crunch of the chocolate....yum! i think that next time i am going to try a thin set chocolate so that i can cover the entire bar....maybe i can figure out a way to add carmel too....yum. 

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