Wednesday, January 11, 2012

you've stolyn my heart!

i just wanted to let you guys in on some more of our handmade christmas.  the hubs isn't the best at buying gifts, and that's ok....we are working on it. but there is one thing that he's great at and that's working with his hands. i am pretty sure that he can make just about anything that he puts his mind to. he loves a good project and i love that about him.  so when i fell in love with this necklace from bhldn i knew just the person to make it for me.

while it's not the exact same, i have to say that i love my version so much more! the hubs used an old beat up skateboard deck to make my heart necklace. i love that it came from something that he loved and i love that it was upcycled. i love that it's reversible too. so it pretty much goes with anything i wear, and i have worn it almost everyday since christmas. what do you guys think? amazing right?

p.s. he said he will make more if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

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