Thursday, January 19, 2012

thankful thursday

you know i tend to think of gratitude projects as just that....a project. and the truth of it all is that sometimes the larger the project becomes the less impactful it is.  but instead why don't we focus on the smaller picture. you know "doing little things for others".  

i don't want this to turn into a "chivalry is dead" conversation, but when thinking about this subject i tend to go directly to holding the door for others. have you ever been leaving a store with your arms full and the person in front of you lets the door go right in your face? it happens to me all the time. it's infuriating! it's become something that bothers me so much that i will go out of my way to make sure that i hold the door open for people. 

another on of the "little things" that comes to mind are notes in the mail. i have a very good friend who is exceptionally good about sending "thank you for no reason" cards. i cherish them. as a matter of fact one is sitting on my desk right now to help me remember that you don't need a reason to be thankful.

so when approaching your next opportunity to show gratitude towards another remember that it doesn't need to be some big project. hold a door, drop a note in the mail, help a friend with a heavy load, pick up the phone just to say hello.  sometimes the littles things go the farthest. they hold the biggest places in the hearts of the grateful.

1 comment:

  1. heavy load = Cherry. Thanks again for lugging her to the car the other day!


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