Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. it had been about 3 full weeks of no dancing until this past monday! finally, i was better from the death cold, the studio was back open after the holiday break, and in was time to dance.  it's amazing what that many days off can do to destroy what you have been working so hard for. but none the less it felt amazing to be back at it.  although i came to the realization this week that i really need some new dance clothes.
2. we made some new friends on new years day....the irony is kind of awesome. we ran into the mongol family at john d. mcarthur park. they are just in the process of moving to the area from texas. well, we swapped emails and met up a couple time this week to hang out. they have an awesome son that's the same age as the boy.  i love new friends! our new friends introduced us to a new park in the palm beach gardens area. super cool play structure that's a little different than your average park. it amazing to me the excitement that we all get from new playgrounds.
3. i have an awesome giveaway going on this week. ends friday so please to wait to enter! you could have your very own pair of earrings made by yours truly!
4. on a totally different play structure experience, we finally went to "a latte fun" and i have to say.....we will NEVER be returning. i had been pretty clear in the past with my thoughts on this place, and pretty firm in my standing that i would not be paying the insane admission fee to go, but some friends had free we went. what a nightmare. there were far too many kids, zero supervision, and a terrible cafe to boot. at least now i know what we have been missing out on all this time.
5. well i finally did it...i purchased it's something that i have been meaning/wanting to do for quite some time, and just never bit the bullet. well it's mine now folks. i feel some pretty amazing things to come this year!
6. the bachelor started this week! want to know a little secret - my bachelor/bachelorette obsession is thanks to my dad....yup that's right my dad. i had been really looking forward to this season for some reason... nothing like a train wreck love story to make you really love the one you're with.
7. we had an awesome cold snap this past week. it was so nice to have a break from some really hot winter days and have a taste of some seasons. we got to wear jackets and scarves and put the heater on. pretty awesome if i do say so myself. but no worries we are back to normal 80° weather.
8. with the above noted cold snap i had to bring all of my plants inside. this really opened my eyes to how much i really love having a lot of plants inside. so when it was time to move them back out i was a little sad. so i made some changes in the homes of all the greenery. and now.....i have a ton of plants in side - and i am happy.
9. oh man, i made my dark chocolate zucchini snack cake this weekend. but i got a little crazy with it this time. i used the same recipe from here, but i added a cup of dark chocolate chips, and instead of topping it with greek yogurt i covered the entire cake in cream cheese frosting. the changes really took this cake to a whole new level. i am pretty sure that i managed to cancel out any sort of healthy factor that the cake used to have, but on the flip side i didn't hear the hubs say "there are vegetables in this cake" one time.
10. one of the hubs restaurants is now the sole food vendor at the international polo club in wellington. today was the first match of the season, so to make sure that everything was going smoothly we made the journey west to see our first polo match. i have to tell you....i had no idea everything that went into this sport. i was really hoping to come home with an amazing story about the beautiful animals, the thrill of the sport, and overall excitement....but we had to leave before it ever even started. next time i guess.

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