Thursday, January 5, 2012

thankful thursday

i wanted to start the first thursday of the new year off with a simple, yet powerful quote.  2011 was a difficult year for many. many people close to us lost jobs, lost friends, lost lives and on a much larger scheme many people around the world were faced with the same struggles. 

by now you should know that gratitude means a lot to me. it means more to me than saying thank you when you should or having good manners. gratitude is quickly becoming a way of life for me. it's putting others first, being considerate, being aware, and taking the time to tell someone that you appreciate whatever it is that they are doing.

so i challenge you this week....take a good look around. notice the differences between people in random scenarios. are the happiest people the one's who are sharing the most gratitude? look at those who seem miserable and observe how they interact with others.  it doesn't cost anything to pay it forward. give thanks and be gracious, you may find your self with a smile on your face.

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