Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Reflections

so i have never really been one to make a "new years resolution". in my crazy head a resolution is just telling your self that you will stop doing something that you love because you know it's no good.....but in reality it's just putting off the inevitable breaking of the resolution.

instead i prefer to reflect. look back at my year and sort of asses the choices that i made and the outcomes that they had.  i like to learn from what the year provided in an effort to progress, evolve, and move forward into the new year. so hear are some of the things that i learned in 2011:

  • i shouldn't let a 2 year old get the best of me.
  • if you don't write things down you will never remember them.
  • sometimes you really have to experience something for yourself.
  • the futures memories are made in the moment and create an eternity of happy memories.
  • the hubs is way better at gift wrapping than i am....who knew?
  • let go and dance.
  • you can not use a ruler to measure greatness.
  • sometimes it is easier to just laugh about it.
  • your expectations of yourself should always be greater than everyone else's expectation for you.
  • the way to maximizing your potential is by doing what makes you happy.
  • you can't please someone that hates them self.
  • communication is the key to everything.

so what will 2012 bring? lots of love, laughter, and dancing. hope everyone had a fun and safe new years. wishing you a bright and beautiful 2012!

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