Friday, January 27, 2012

storybook breakfast

this morning the boy "didn't want anything" for breakfast. so i knew that if i was going to get him to eat i was going to have to get creative. after assessing what i had to make i offered him some eggs. that was quickly replied to with a very stern "NO".  then i replied...."would you like green eggs? you know like in your book?" his eyes lit up. he couldn't believe that i was asking him this question.  so i quickly jumped on it before he could change his mind (like he has a tendency to do).  i whipped out the eggs, green food coloring, and since we didn't have ham i made him green blueberry yogurt all while chirping out lines from the book. i think he got a kick out of it.... i did anyway. i am pretty sure the hubs thought i was nuts. 

for the eggs i simply added a few drops of green food coloring while beating them before cooking. for the yogurt i mashed up some fresh blueberries, added a scoop of greek yogurt, a few drop of food coloring, and a squeeze of the old honey bear. 

do you have any clever food tricks to get your toddlers to eat? please share them...i'm desperate! haha!

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