Friday, January 27, 2012

thrifty finds

i couldn't be more excited for this weeks thrifty finds! and with the grand opening of my new etsy store i am finding myself thrifting through a whole new set of eyes. it used to all be for me and the boy, but i am seeing the potential all around me! 

the first thing that  i found....literally sitting out side the door of the store just waiting for me... was this beautiful watering can.  i don't think that it's old, as a matter of fact i am pretty positive that it's not. BUT i have been wanting/needing a watering can for years. i refused to spend the money on a brand new, generic looking can. i told myself that i would wait until i found one at a garage sale of thrift store. currently i have been using a recycled milk know i am only kinda ghetto sometimes. hehe. but look at this beauty! oh she is just so cute. and $2. perfect. see ya later milk jug.

then i was pleased to find these super cute vintage seafoam green earrings. they remind me of gum balls. they are enamel coated metal, and while huge (they are literally the size of large gum balls) and kinda on the heavy side, they are super unique and retro. and with my current obsession with the color i am not sure if i am going to put them in the store or in my jewelry collection. 

also not pictured, due to the fact that he insisted on taking it to bed for his nap, the boy found a pretty cool monster truck. the owner of the store was kind enough to pull in down out of storage and gift it to him. i think that it was because he was so impressed with his chattiness. the old man and the boy sat on a sofa and talked for a good ten minutes about cars and life while i perused the store. love that place! hope you have a great weekend and happy thrifting!

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