Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1.  i have really been missing the cool air and beauty of north carolina. my dad called me this week to inform me that dates were set for a family reunion this summer. it's far off, but it really gives me something to get super excited about! north carolina here i come (in august).
2. we had been going through a few weeks of extreme poor behavior from the boy. not sure if it's because he's not in daycare anymore or maybe it's the behavior sticker chart that we are using, but he's has been an angel lately. when he's good, he is just awesome to be around. he's funny and silly and polite and super smart. i just can't believe how fast it's all going by. he's getting so big and independent.
3. speaking of how big he's getting....i was reading him one of his favorite books (lady and the tramp) the other day, and he surprised me by "reading" it to me. so i went with it. we took turns reading it to each other. i'd start the sentence and he'd finish it (word for word). i know that he's not actually reading the words on the pages, but repeating words he's memorized...but that's how it all starts right.
4. i have had some amazing luck with my thrifty finds lately! i am really excited to share some awesome news with you guys soon! i'll give you a clue...turquoise violets is expanding!
5. are you guys addicted to pinterest yet? i am. i so am. it's so inspiring and awesome to see all these images in one place. but i'll tell you what's really awesome....when complete strangers start pinning images from your blog onto pinterest.  the succulent wall garden DIY that i did a few months ago seems to be gaining some serious pinterest popularity. i think that i need to do another succulent project soon!
6. there has been some seriously good food coming from my kitchen this week. but i can't stop thinking about those banana bread bites. i am pretty sure that i ate my weight in chocolate and bananas this week. any suggestions for the next baking project?
7. the hubs and i finally did it. we got a years pass to the zoo. are zoo is awesome. not too big, not too small. it is mostly shaded which is great for the summer, and there is a giant water fountain for the kiddos to play in. so excited to spend the year at the zoo!
8. the hubs and i had an amazing craft night the other night. i may have tricked him into it, but it sure was fun.
9. have you seen the movie "warrior"? holy smokes....if you haven't your really should. it's a fictional story about two brothers who are mma fighters. such a great story, amazing soundtrack, and half of the movie is fighting. so good.
10. had a great play date with the boys best little boy buddy the other day at gumbo limbo. this place is amazing. acres of natural florida wildlife, a serious observation tower, FAU's marine mammal research facility, and a sweet butterfly garden all in one place. if you are ever in the area i suggest you check it out.

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